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作者 MyDesy
世界自然基金會,The World Wide Fund for Nature(WWF),是全球最大的獨立保育團體。以阻止自然環境惡化,並協助人與自然界建立和諧相處的未來為使命,致力於保育大自然 動植物、促進資源有效利用等環境保護的相關議題。

WWF不僅關注於環境保育,也透過各種不同的管道宣傳保護環境的迫切與重要性,更透過視覺傳達讓每張海報不僅深具意義,更希望提醒大家注重日漸嚴重 的環境問題,透過個人、組織或政府等團體進而為大自然奉獻一份力量非凡的心力,改善環境。
今天MyDesy帶著大家一同感受WWF愛護地球的心意,看WWF如何將這份愛的力量換化為一幅幅讓人忍不住想多看兩眼的創意海報,同時也發人省思。親愛 的捧由們,看完這些創意海報後,不忘也讓我們為大自然付出一份微薄的力量唷!!

15km2 of rain forest disappears every minute.

Forests for life.

A single golf course sucks away 15.000 m3 of water!

(Left)Stop climate change before it changes you.

(Right)The par: 200.000 trees! Building a single course puts thousands of trees at stake. Take action. Help us stop them.

A single tin of paint can pollute millions of litres of water.

A single can of dissolvent pollute millions of litres of waterm.

Turning off your TV, stereo and computer when not using them.

Recycling glass, plastic, cardboard and paper.

Choosing a hybrid or fuel efficient car.

When you leave the light on, you’re not the only one who pays.

If we don’t stop global warming, nature will.

Give a hand to wildlife.

For a living planet.

Nature can’t be recycled.

Our life at the cost of theirs.

Don’t buy exotic animal souvenirs.

Save endangered animals before they disappear in front of your eyes.

Deforestation in China threatens Giant pandas.

We are all together. Do your bit.

The future is man made.

(Left)The first signs of global warming are now clealy visible

(Right)Polluted river water kills as many people as a nuclear explosion

Save the world with a few coins. Donate at WWF.at.

The fate of the Indian Barasingha lies in your hands.

The fate of the Blue whale lies in your hands.




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